Natia Lemay


June 1 – 31, 2021

This series of family portraits juxtapose stoic, hardened, or somber expressions and posed, tight body language with bright and playful colours and relaxed brushwork. These choices are meant to highlight the complexity of existing within the Black family. These are extrospective nuanced paintings that discuss the experience of being part of a family that battles issues of addiction, poverty, internalized racism, pride and ego while attempting to create a family filled with love and value.  How can we properly love and value each other when we struggle to love and value our individual selves?

Natia Lemay is a mixed-race Toronto-based artist of Black, French and Indigenous descent. Working as a conceptual artist and figurative painter, she explores decolonization, identity, systemic erasure, and white supremacy by focusing on the sociological impact of capitalism, myth, stereotyping, systemic, socialized, and internalized racism on the BIPOC identity. Through allegorical works, she looks to contribute and encourage social change.

Natia is completing her Masters of Painting and Printmaking at Yale School of Art and has a BFA from OCAD University with a Social Sciences minor. She has participated in masterclasses with Mickalene Thomas, Ebony Haynes, and Manuel Mathieu. Natia has curated over 7 shows with OCAD U's Ada Slaight Chair and completed multiple workshops for curating in digital spaces at OCAD U. She has sat on OCAD U faculty of art hiring committee, participated in an OCADU working group combating sexual and gender-based violence, supported the hiring of a black and indigenous student councillor at OCADU health and wellness department, winner of the 2001 David W Bain Graduate Award and 2020 Diversity & Equity Excellence Award at OCADU.


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